Courtenay – Alberni Green Party candidate chosen

The Green Party selected their federal candidate for Courtenay-Alberni.

Sean Wood is a graphic designer and volunteer firefighter in Parksville, and worked for the last Green Candidate.

He says the rise in Green Party popularity has led other parties to adopt many of the Green Party’s policies and call them their own.

Wood says he wants to fight for better tax-breaks for volunteer firefighters and affordable housing initiatives.

Wood will be up against NDP incumbent Gord Johns, Conservative Byron Horner, and the Liberals are still to announce their candidate for the October 20th Federal election.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems. He owns a small business as a graphic designer, Wood & Company Creative, and works  closely with his clients to help them creatively solve their problems, just as he will listen to his constituents and work to find creative ways to improve the community. He believes that creativity and imagination are important parts of innovation and a clean future where all Canadians can thrive.
Sean was raised in Orillia, Ontario, and moved to B.C. in 1993. He recalls the first breathtaking drive up the Sea to Sky highway, and the stunning majesty of the Coastal Mountains and Pacific Ocean.
Sean and his wife of 21 years Teresa (R.N.) and their two sons Erik (6) and Isak (3) have a home in Parksville. Teresa works full-time, and Sean is a busy and active dad in the boys’ lives. 
He wants his children, as well as generations to come, to enjoy a stable, sustainable economy which allows our beautiful landscapes to sustain its people, just as it has done in the past.
He was motivated to run for the Green Party of Canada by a commitment to helping keep his community and his country an amazing place to live and raise families.
The Island is a beautiful place to live. While the other parties race to shoehorn environmental policies into their outdated platforms, it becomes increasingly apparent that the Greens have been on the right track all along. Let’s end the subsidies to fossil fuel industries, and move those incentives to more sustainable technologies. We all definitely need to cut down on toxic single-use plastics that are contaminating our landfills, lakes, parks and oceans. My family, like many of you, bring reusable bags to the grocery store, including mesh bags for veggies, and enjoy a reduction in fossil fuels with our Toyota Prius, but there’s still more we can all do.
The Greens are a strong voice to guide the country in the direction we need to go. As a federal Green candidate, I’ll be able to spend more time with my party leader than the other candidates, in order to be sure that the people of Courtenay-Alberni benefit the most from my election. Green MPs are encouraged to vote for their riding needs over party goals.
Sean spent 5 years as a volunteer firefighter in Parksville. He is proud to have been able to give time and effort to his community in one of the most dangerous and demanding jobs.
As an elected member of parliament, he would champion tax relief for the dedicated volunteer firefighters, search & rescue and auxiliary Coast Guard members in his riding of Courtenay-Alberni and across Canada. These courageous men and women help keep our municipal taxes lower, and any tax relief we can give them will flow right back into our communities.
Volunteerism has played a strong role in Sean’s history. His grandfather George Buttimer volunteered in 1940 to the Canadian Provost Corps in New Brunswick at age 32, but in 1945 was killed in action in Europe. Sean’s mother volunteered for various church, school and women’s groups, and his father volunteered as both an ambulance attendant and a police officer in Ontario.
Continuing this volunteer path, in 1996 he sold most of his belongings to self-finance a 3-month trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he taught basic computer skills to adult learners. Seeing the poverty of Eastern Africa in the mid-1990s has changed how he views the world.
Sean is dedicated to a full, positive and respectful campaign and meeting constituents all across our district.
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